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Christian Housing facilities are categorized under the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Section 202, a program for the elderly as well as mobility impaired persons, 18 years of age and older, who need the features of a handicap unit. Residents contribute 30% of their income for rent with the remaining portion being funded by the Section 8 Rental Assistance Program. All applicants must fall under a certain income level to be eligible for housing at one of these facilities. For additional information, please visit

Designed for independent living, each apartment unit contains wall-to-wall carpet, a private bath, equipped kitchen, individually controlled heating and air conditioning units, a bedroom and living-dining room area. Residents typically bring their own furnishings from their previous household. Units have a pull-cord emergency alert device in both the bedroom and bathroom, which will summon help.

A multitude of services are provided at each center to meet the physical, social, spiritual and psychological needs of the individual. Each high-rise creates and thrives on its own community spirit – a characteristic that sets Christian Housing apart. By visiting any of the Christian Housing facilities, one can clearly appreciate this feeling of kinship. The citizens who live in these facilities have created communities of fellowship and support that make the transition from owning a home easy. Residents have the benefits of two worlds – they can enjoy their privacy, and they can always choose to be with others too. The philosophy which created Christian Housing Inc. continues to permeate and meet the need of our society for dignified and economical living arrangements for senior citizens and the mobility impaired.

98 Hawthorne Road, Suite 3 | Pittsburgh, PA 15209 | 412.821.2118 (office) | 412.821.2119 (fax) |

Sister Eileen Magill
Executive Director

98 Hawthorne Road, Suite 3
Pittsburgh, PA 15209


Board Members
M. Brian O'Connor

Edward B. Schneider
Vice President

William Barker

Kathia Kennedy

Our Mission
Christian Housing, Inc. is a non-profit corporation dedicated to providing affordable housing that insures the well-being and dignity of the elderly.

Our Vision of Success. To envision the fulfillment of our responsibility toward older citizens through the continued availability of affordable, decent and safe housing in a wide range of communities in and around the greater Pittsburgh area.

Christian Housing, Inc. is a non-profit corporation that gives assistance to individuals and organizations seeking a respectable independent living environment for senior adults. Christian Housing facilities are tailored to meet the needs as well as the financial resources of a wide variety of individuals. There are twelve (12) facilities in the Greater Pittsburgh area.

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